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Revolution of Virtual Fitting Room in retail industry :

'Be updated with the technology and visualize your ideas with the help of Fit4bond Virtual Fitting Room Development App'

Virtual Fitting has become a common technology used in the field of photography where it become a new trend in e-commerce retail in fashion industry.

When coming to the point of challenges in fashion industry, it is big deal to get the accurate measurement for particular customer as we need to wait until we receive the product in hand to check for fittings.

To overcome the challenge, Fit4bond has introduced the new technology called Virtual Fitting Room Application Development .

Technologies and features used in VR App Development :

The changing rooms are an area of stock loss and are always a high staffing cost, while online customer return 25 percent of purchased clothing with 70 percent being for the wrong size.

With the help of Virtual reality fitting room application, the measurement has been recorded for each customers which could be used for further purchases.

The accuracy is  maintained by 3D body scanners and a virtual mannequin resembles the shape of each customers.

Also, the customers could check for trial by selecting costumes as the VR mannequin will display the customers image with that particular selected costume.

Once the costume is confirmed from customer end, the retailer could complete stitching with the measurement recorded.

The result will be with greater accuracy, time saving and cost effective as the progress has been done with the help of machine learning.

* Body scanners

* 3D fitting rooms

* 3D customer’s model

* Photo-accurate virtual fitting

* Dress-up mannequins/mix-and-match

* Real models

Tools used for VR Development :






How Fit4bond involved in development of Virtual Fitting Room Application :

#Fit4bond is a group of techies which give great ideas and solutions to competitive in e-commerce fashion retailers. Our virtual fitting applications reach out to vast of majority of retail organization with better applications as it is big deal to get garments with accurate fitness. Also, our applications reduce the cost, time frame and simplify the human effort.

Want to launch your own virtual fitting application with advanced technology? Or want to get the free demonstration? Feel free to contact us here!

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