Convert your tailoring business as a large scale online custom tailoring store!

This modern world gives a lot of importance to the perfect outlook and style. 

Tailoring business plays an immense role to enhance people's outlook and their style.  That's why it becomes an unbeatable business forever, people also gives importance to tailors rather than ready made suits. But to prevent your customer base from falling stage you have to keep on update your business to next level with recent technologies.  

A business can't be beaten up by its competitors,
 until it is ready to adapt to new things.

Moreover, it is must for a business to implement some user-friendly features,  but in the case of tailoring business, it is a complex thing to implement user-friendly features and make it transparent. Because a tailoring business is not operating from the user point of view, It receives the details & measurements from the customers then the tailors and then they worked on it.  So there was no hole to convert the tailoring business to transparent.  

But now the revolution in online, and the technology has turned over the tailoring business also. Yes, the tailoring business also becomes a user-friendly and transparent business just because of the arrival of some interesting business features.

Let us see them below !

Online tailoring business store with custom tailoring software !

The need of online becomes too hot when businesses jump to online. Before 20 years you can't get anything through from online, there were only a small number of firms operated through online. But now you can get everything from online, the growth of e-commerce stores saves the people's time and their physical activities. So, we could able to see that everything is transforming into online, that's why people also went behind online clothing stores.  

Some e-commerce stores are also delivering garments for their customers, but people are fed up with their product.  they ended up with receiving unsatisfactory products.  

Common Problems which customer meets while buying garments from e-commerce stores :

  • People believes what they see when they surfing through an e-commerce site, but they are not receiving what they actually saw.
  • Especially in garments section, the received products may not be in perfect size.
  • Clothes or fabrics type will not be in good quality. But the way they picturizing it, make us believe them.
  • High possibility to receive damaged garments. 
  • Also,  the lifetime of the product is undetermined.
  • Finally, the customers are ended with receiving a poor product with poor quality.

So, by seeing the continuous flaw from such e-commerce stores, people are decided to go with customizing their suits depending upon their own measurements. By monitoring the customers demand tailors also transformed their tailoring business to online and customized it with a custom tailoring software!


What is actually custom tailoring software?

A custom tailoring software works as a business module for both from the customer end and the owner end. Using this software, a tailor can launch his own custom tailoring business store. 


How does it work?

  • It enables the people to customize their suits from the top to bottom
  • It lists all the available styles of button, collars, cuffs, fabrics which are available with the tailor.
  • A tailor can list and picturize all his available fabrics types, and everything for both men and women.
  • So when a customer comes to the tailor's website, he needs to select his measurements,  fabric type, cloth type, button type, cuff type, collar type, design, and everything.
  • Then tailor will customize the garments depending upon the given requirements & will send to the customers mailing address.


Using a custom tailoring software you can lift your business as a large scale online custom tailoring store :

When a software operates on the back end of your business, it simplifies all your business functionalities. Just like that custom tailoring software also simplifies your business module to operate for a huge number of customer base. Countries like US, UK, and china are having a large custom tailoring firms which operate for customers from all over the world.

And moreover, you can create brand or business awareness when you upgrade it with Online Custom Clothing Store.  It is sure that you can become an owner of huge custom tailoring business with profit of billion dollors.

Fit4bond can build strong bridge between customers and tailors via a custom tailoring software and helps you to simplify your tailoring business struggles by making it transparent to your customers. Make your business with us!

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