Best Ways To Improve The Relationship Between Custom Tailors And Their Customers

Customer service and customer relations are the two main thing that people use compatible. However, a good customer relations caused from good customer service. 
If your client is happy with the work you provided to him / her, then absolutely you grow with your custom tailoring business and maintaining a long lasting customer relationship.

There are few tactics to improve your relationship with your customers are :

1. Treat all your customers as your friends and not for just a business deal.
2. Customer is always right If is not always true, but furnishing to their every    
   demand is a must.
3. Attn your each customers as individually because each customers have their              
   unique needs.Try to satisfy them individually.
4. Always listen to their problems, communicate with your clients more often.
   Send newsletter emails to all the customers - Your email list is a demanding tool     
   for maintain and update also building a great relationship with your current     
5. Curiosity & Delight Your Customers - Sending a small gift to your best customers   
   could be a immense way to remind your customers to come back while adding the 
   detail of curiosity and delight.
6. Stay connect on social media and post your offers every now and then - Always stay  
   connect with your customers through social media. Whenever you offer a discount,  
   post all your offers every now and then.
7. Be honest to your customers at all the times.

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